GR Amaro
GR Amaro
GR Amaro
GR Amaro
GR Amaro
GR Amaro
Name: GR Amaro
Description Grey Colt
Type: Straight Egyptian
Strain: Malaka Family, Riyala Branch, Kuhaylan Rodania
Sire: Classic Shadwan (Alidaar x Shagia bint Shadwan)
Dam: Halim's Asmara (Ansata Halim Shah x Lancer’s Asmara)
D.O.B.: 2009
Show record:
Owned By: AL-Miqdad Arabians

G.R. Amaro is a maternal Grandson of the legendary Ansata Halim Shah, and a paternal Grandson of Multi Champion Alidaar. A son of the outstanding Multi Champion Classic Shadwan. Classic Shadwan is regarded one of "the" progenitors of extreme type. He has an exotic look like no other, he has a dry, chiselled face with huge dark expressive eyes and rich pigmentation. He had a well set neck, a perfect top line, a high set tail and exceptional airy movement. Classic Shadwan is very elegant and looked like a picture book Arabian. For many arabian horse experts he personified the ideal of Classical Arabian type.

Amaro comes from a royal pedigree with numerous multi international champions on both his sire and dam side.

Classic Shadwan's (now deceased) Show Record:

Reserve Junior Champion Wels 1994

European Champion Straight Egyptian Res. 1997

Senior.-Champion & Best in Show Egyptian Classic Show, NL 2000

Senior.-Champion International Show Kaub 2000

Platinum Cup Champion 2000

Sire of Int. Champions & Gold-Awarded Stallions at the German Stallion-Show Aachen

GR Amaro's dam is the Multi & European Champion Halim's Asmara

Champion mare, Egyptian Event Europe 1994

Champion mare, Kaub/Germany 1994

Champian Mare Res. Egyptian Event Europe 1997

Classwinner Wels/ Austria & Cervia/ Italy

Halim's Asmara's father is the immortal Ansata Halim Shah.When Ansata Halim Shah returned home to Ansata Arabians in America, a new dynasty was finding its beginnings in the Middle East. A passion had been rekindled within the Arabian Peninsula for the classical Arabian horse of generations past. As time went on this passion became a project; to return to the Gulf the truest and most classical Arabian horses.

Sheikh Abdulaziz recalls:"When I first saw Ansata Halim Shah in photographs I had high expectations. When a few months later visiting the Ansata Arabian Stud, I realised this stallion was still more special! Halim Shah has made such an impression on me that from that day I gladly have dedicated my own breeding program towards him, hoping that one day I will be honoured with a colt foal possessing his incomparable Arabian horse type, quality and charm."


It was ultimately as a result of Sheikh Abdulaziz's ever increasing collection of beautiful Halim Shah-related horses, that Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani of Al Shaqab Stud made his own trip to Ansata. During this visit, it was decided that Ansata Halim Shah would travel back to the original homeland of the Arabian horse, to take up residence as head sire of Al Shaqab.

Judith Forbis recalls: "Much thought was given to the pros and cons of letting Halim Shah leave the States again, but it seemed a wonderful opportunity for him to become the 'light on the hill' that could help spark an Arabian horse renaissance in the Arab world."

Ansata Halim Shah's journey to the Middle East was to be the final chapter in what was well on its way to becoming a legendary life's work. At only 14 and after a brief time in his new home of Qatar, Ansata Halim Shah tragically died. Despite his short time there he had accomplished his mission and achieved the impossible for the second time in his life. He truly had started a revolution as he had done years earlier in Europe. During his time in Qatar, Halim Shah left two sons to carry his flame: Qatar National Champion and current World Champion Stallion, Al Adeed Al Shaqab, and Qatar National Champion Stallion, Thaqib Al Nasser.

Halim's Asmara is not only a Halim SHAH daughter but only one of two *Lancers Asmara daughters in the world, and Halims Asmara is one of those treasured daughters. Lancer's Asmara was a two time Salon Du Cheval Reserve Champion & US National Top Ten mare.

He is also a full brother to the outstanding European Multi Champion stallion, G.R. Amaretto, and the German Multi Champion mare G.R. Amaretta.

GR Amaro is a exotic pretty colt, very showy, great body, very special breeding. The last colt by Classic Shadwan! Something really special!

His brother GR Amaretto has the following achievements:

German National Champion in Aachen 2009 including

Gold-awarded German Stallion-Show Aachen 2002

Class-winner Deurne, NL 2000

Champion Egyptian Classic Show NL 2000

National-Champion Res. Neustadt 2001

Champion Res. Wels 2005 (A-show)

Champion Schotten 2005

Senior-Champion Egyptian Event Europe 2006

Sen. Champion Res. International A-Show Wels/Austria 2009

Multi-Champion & sire of international Champions

His full Sister GR Amaretta won the following:

Class-winner Pyramid-Cup 2001

Class-winner & National-Champion Res. Neustadt 2002

GR Amaro will most definitely follow in the footsteps of all the Champions in his immediate and distant pedigree.